The Third Sector Law

The law firm has extensive experience providing services to entities of the so-called Third Sector.

These entities’ legal regime, combined with the collective or diffuse interest that generally determine their constitution, demands a special approach, a legal assistance based on the conciliation of private management methods, of governance and transparency suitable to this modality of association, complied, in addition, with the necessary inflections of public law that condition its performance in many aspects.

Aware of these peculiarities, the “TFS Advogados” law firm brings to the Third Sector legal footing more than 25 years of experience conducting public-private relations and therefore is able to provide effective solutions and consistent guidelines with the best practices in terms of compliance.

On procedures for obtaining qualifications and accreditations, as well as conducting projects and its accounts rendering (accountability), sponsorship of interests before control agencies or even when legal support for the entities operation is needed, this law firm has been providing for their Third Sector clients the same quality and excellence observed for decades when acting in the specialized services of the legal market.

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