o-escritorio-nova-img1The law firm TEIXEIRA FERREIRA SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS represents the experience of its founder, Luiz Tarcísio Teixeira Ferreira, a former Public Attorney who identified the need for the provision of expert services in Public Law.


The firm, now established for more than twenty years, based its growth on essential guidelines as the sense of partnership with our clients and the perception that the practice of law aims to identify risks and to support the construction of pragmatic and substantive solutions to the challenges presented.


o-escritorio--nova-img3The experience of our professionals in Public Law enables the delivery of a highly specialized and differentiated service in Administrative Law, Procurement and Contracts with the Public Administration, Economic Law, Antitrust Law, Regulatory Law, Infrastructure Law, Financial Regulation and Compliance.


Upon these foundations, the successful trajectory of the firm was built, allowing the establishment of lasting bonds with large corporative clients as well as the foundation of branch offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, which offer the same quality service that is offered by the headquarters in São Paulo.