Public Tendering and Contracts with Public Administration

TFS Advogados offers legal support regarding the various regimes and arrangements of public tenders – competition, invitation to bid, tenders, ordinary auctions and those related to national privatization program, attendance and electronic biddings, concession and permission of public service, public-private partnership bidding, and the so called differentiated regime in public contracting.


Add all that to extensive experience in advising national and international companies and consortia in the involvement of public bidding events (preparation of proposals, habilitation, qualification, and requests for clarifications, challenges, appeal), consultations and public hearings, expression of interest procedures, expressions of private interest procedures and representation before control agencies and the Judiciary. He have lawyers specialized in the area of civil liability related to public service offered by private concession companies.


Throughout the contract execution, legal advice is aimed at ensuring the regular public administrative procedures for the amendment and termination of the contract, imposition of penalties and the protection of property interests of the private contractor (maintenance of the economic-financial balance of the contract).

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